SERVICES: E-Learning & Training Videos


E-Learning and Training Support Videos are an effective way to teach staff and contractors about critical organisational processes, responsibilities and roles. We specialise in offering a wide variety of learning programme formats to suit the diverse needs of Learning and Development professionals, including:

  • Interactive E-Learning
  • Rapid 3D Learning Videos
  • Gamified E-Learning
  • Inductions & Onboarding
  • Compliance E-Learning
  • E-Learning Animation Content
  • Safety E-Learning


Choose one or a combination of design techniques to engage your learners

Product animation videos

Interactive E-Learning

Interactive E-Learning encourages retention of information through completing interactive exercises or procedures. Our Interactive E-Learning programmes take you step by step through each task to help you recreate on the job experiences. If you like our graphics, we can even model your work environment in 3D to enhance the learner experience.

Technical animation videos

3D E-Learning Videos

Our ability to learn and absorb information at optimum levels is best delivered in 6-9 minute sessions. Check out some of our Rapid Learning Solutions to bring your learners up to speed fast with our full 3D E-Learning Programmes. These programmes aim to deliver information in short, sharp bursts. Not sure how to put together a learning programme in this format? We can help! We’ve been developing technical learning programmes for over a decade and have extensive experience in helping put together scripts and storyboards.

Construction animation visualisation

Gamified E-Learning

Our Gamified E-Learning is a massive hit with the under 30’s market and has returned some amazing results! It’s important to understand learner requirements. Younger learners require a different level of engagement in order to retain information. Gamification is a great way to encourage learners to do better and push themselves further with embedded challenges and exercises. We even create your work environment in 3D for orientation and reinforcement of correct behavioural and procedural techniques.


We can create a project tailored to your needs and audience

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