There’s been a lot of discussion about laser scanning point cloud data and how best to convert this into detailed 3D models.  There’s no doubt that each company involved in this process will have their version of a patented solution – how best to streamline the data, keep the build cost effective and on schedule.  In general however, there is still a lack of awareness about what to do with the data.

Perhaps it’s a lack of integration between the scanning teams, modelling teams and the subsequent professionals utilising the data output.  Maybe it’s that clients aren’t aware of the multiple uses the data can provide.  Regardless, the visual solutions team have been working alongside our colleagues in the Laser Scanning, Building Services, Engineering and Geo-Environmental teams to produce a showcase of integrated solutions.

For instance, laser scanning data captured by the Surveying team has been integral to our CoMAH training programmes, which have tied in the Geo-Environmental teams from a tank bund containment and assessment stand point.  The storage tank models have also been utilised for asset integrity to calculate volumetrics, ovality, verticality and deformity measurements.

Part of our service portfolio is about helping our clients to see the bigger picture by creating value added services through discipline integration.  So if you’d like more information about how to make the most of your project budget, please get in touch – let’s start a conversation about how we can help 01324 878 822