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Project Description



IKM have an integrated portfolio of services surrounding tank storage and bunded areas.  We regularly offer value added services to our clients through collaborative working and wanted to create an engaging and interactive application that highlighted these services.


We gathered our team together to plan out which services added the most value to our clients across Engineering, Geo-Environmental & Surveying and highlighted:

  • Rim Seal Analysis & Assessments
  • Tank Deformities
  • Structural Design & Drainage
  • Containment Assessements
  • Tank Rupture Modelling
  • Training & VR

We created a virtual storage tank and developed hazards associated with the environment, while highlighting key services along the way.


The VR application will be used as part of our integrated storage tank marketing and for use at the TSA show in September.  We’ve also started lunch and learn sessions with key tank farm clients to illustrate how Virtual Reality can play a pivotal role in training the next generation of Engineers and Technicians.  For more information on IKM’s Tank Storage services please visit our main website IKM Consulting