Project Description



Our clients were interested in using Virtual Reality as a training and safety tool.  We’ve been building touch screen walls, augmented reality apps and virtual reality experiences for the past few years so we decided to build a Hazard Spotting exercise, complete with varying levels of difficulty and scoring.


We liaised with contacts in both learning and development as well as Health & Safety to try to implement scenarios from real life.  Lessons learned, project incidents and safety observation reporting were all utilised to build a tool that would essentially allow our clients to re-enact real life issues, but without any risk to their learners.


The application has been incredibly widely received with several clients utilising the application for safety days, open days and technician training.  It’s engaging, fun and more importantly gets the users into a familiar environment, but in a completely new virtual context.  This new perspective has allowed a different approach to pointing out potential hazards, including the use of implementing site noise and ongoing SIMOPS or (simultaneous operations).   The scoring feature added a bonus to team delivery, challenging each learner to spot as many hazards as possible before moving to the next level of increased difficulty.